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Hathor Consort was founded by Romina Lischka in 2011 with the aim of interpreting renaissance and baroque consort music in various instrumental combinations based upon the viol.

The ensemble takes its name from the goddess Hathor, a mother deity of ancient Egypt. Worshipped as “Mistress of the West” she welcomes the dead into the afterlife and is regarded as a goddess of dance, art and music. Hathor is also known as the primordial mother or receiving element and embodies the principles of love and all concerning the heart.

Monday 16 January 2017 concert programme:

Ah, alas, you salt sea gods   Richard Farrant (ca1530-1580)

O Jove from stately throne   Richard Farrant (ca1530-1580)

Fantasia   Robert White (about 1530-1574)

Ye mortal wights   William Cobbold (1560-1639)

In Nomine   anon

O Lord of whom I do depend: In Nomine  anon

Ut re mi fa sol la   Robert Parsons (1535-1571/2)

Sorrow, come   John Dowland - arr. William Wighthorpe

O death rock me asleep   Anon

Fantasia a 4   Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)

My mistress had a little dog   William Byrd (ca1543-1623)

Care for thy soul   William Byrd

Fantasia a 4   William Byrd

O Lord, bow down thine heav‘nly eyes   William Byrd

In Nomine a 4   William Byrd

With lilies white   William Byrd

Fantasia a 4   Orlando Gibbons

In Angel's Weed   William Byrd

In Nomine   Thomas Tallis (ca1505-1585)

Ye sacred Muses   William Byrd 


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