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Musica Antiqua Latina, based in Rome, is devoted to the renaissance of early Italian baroque repertoire, performing on original instruments at period pitch.Musica Antiqua Latina has performed at concerts and festivals nationwide and abroad, as well through radio broadcasting.

It breathes life into original locations, rendering Arcangelo Corelli’s Concerti Grossi at St. Luigi de’ Francesi, the church where they were first performed, or Alessandro Scarlatti’s unpublished Opus at its native Oratorio St. Girolamo della Carità.

Sources and manuscripts, coming from the major Italian archives. are closely examined, decoding hidden rhetorical figures, symbols and patterns, tracing the blend between sacred orthodoxy and theatrical melodismo.

Following the initial scholarly groundwork, Musica Antiqua Latina prepares each opus by delving into its unique life and background, searching for the mysterious bond between performer and creator that transcends ages, styles and language.

In 2005, Musica Antiqua Latina produced the DVD Christina of Sweden Musical Treasures to mark the 350th anniversary of Christina’s residency in Rome, and her patronage of arts.

It is a scholar evidence that the ecclesiastical patronage of arts in the XVII° century pursued an integrated communication strategy, without inner division. Figurative arts, architecture, music, poetry had flourished within the convivium of the aristocratic residences. Musica Antiqua Latina is likewise working in close collaboration with major cultural institutions, such as the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Rome, the National Museums. Musica Antiqua Latina has appeared at the Chamber Music Festival of the World Youth Orchestra, Campus Internazionale di Latina, Teatro Le Maschere di Roma, Anfione a San Luigi de’ Francesi, Istituto Culturale Portoghese di Roma, Festival Musica Storica, Oratorio San Girolamo della Carità – Primavera Musicale Barocca di Roma, Bologna International Process – Sala Nervi Vaticano, Festival Musica Reservata, Radio Vaticana, Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte di Montepulciano, Radio3-I concerti del Quirinale, Musei in Musica – inaudita (2009-2010), Festival Divinamente, Stagione Musicale Etnea, Festival Perla Baroku (Varsavia).

Musica Antiqua Latina records for Sony Deutsche Harmonia Mundi.


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