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Aula Capitulare, Mdina Cathedral

Archbishop Square
Mdina, Malta

Within the thick walls of the Cathedral in Mdina, lies a particular hall hardly known by the public. This is the Aula Capitulare, the Cathedral Chapter’s Hall. It is a magnificent hall intricately decorated by the triumphant paintings of the famous Francesco Zahra. Beautiful artistic work adorns this hall and renders it an ideal place for holding conferences or concerts. 

The hall dates back to 1621 and was paid for by Bishop Baltassare Cagliares. It is one of the parts of the old Cathedral.

The ceiling decoration is remarkable. It was painted in 1755-56 by the Maltese painter Francesco Zahra. This work can be considered as the painter’s mature pictorial character. It represents the Apotheosis of St Paul set within a concave surround displaying allegories of thirteen principal virtues sitting amidst an ostentatious architectural setting. Despite its restricted size the work allowed Zahra to perfect the colour palette that characterises his later years of production.

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