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Collegiate Basilica of Our Lady of Victories, Senglea

Triq Il-Vitorja
Senglea, Malta

The Collegiate Basilica of Our Lady of Victories in Senglea was most probably built by architect Vittorio Cassar in 1580 as a monument to the Christian Victory after the Great Siege of 1565.

Senglea became a parish in 1581 and was consecrated on 20 October 1743. On 21 May 1786, Pope Pius VI declared the church to be a “collegiata insignis” (distinguished collegiate church), while in 1921, Pope Benedict XV honoured the church with the title of Basilica. After the crowning of the statue of the Virgin Mary on 4 September 1921, the church became a sanctuary of the Virgin Mary.

The church was destroyed by bombs in 1941, but was rebuilt and consecrated by Archbishop Gonzi on 24 August 1956.

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