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Ta’ Ġieżu Church, Rabat

Triq San Pawl
Rabat, Malta

The Church of the Nativity of Our Lady (Il-Knisja ta’ Santa Marija ta’ Ġesù), commonly known as ta’ Ġieżu, is a church in Rabat. The church was built in 1500 and it was enlarged in 1757 with the help of contributions from Italy, Spain and Portugal. The church was consecreated on 31 October 1790.  It is adjoined by a Franciscan convent.

The Franciscans opened their first friary in Malta in Rabat, having arrived on the islands in 1492.  The first hospitalier Grand Master in Malta, Philippe Villiers de L’Isle-Adam, had a room in the friary, where he died in 1534.  The room still exists and it has been restored.  Parts of the church and convent were restored in 2003.

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